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Dr. Ranie Ledoux R.Ac, R.TCMP, MBA,PhD

Earth, Body, Mind, soul Approach to healing and living

Let's- b r e a t h e- and look outside at nature that provides evidence of success from over millions of years of survival. Mother Earth has interconnected all life through simplicity in the most complex system in the universe. How can we ignore that nature that has its molecules in our every cell and thought? How can we apply the laws of nature to understand our own complexity of emotions? The mastery of applying an understanding of nature to understand human emotions was discovered in ancient India and found ways to ground its roots in the ancient cultures of China.


Chinese Medicine

Ancient Chinese medicine theorists had it figured out 3000 years before most of us on how the body functions as an integrated whole. Traditional Chinese medicine is a methodical system that incorporates nature into the diagnosis and treatment of human disease by dividing it into five elements;  Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. These elements correspond to the inner nature of a human being, which includes mind and body connection. We may have come a little far in our study of the mind using a western medical perspective, but we are still inchoate in comparison to the studies done by Chinese medicine on the mind centuries earlier.

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